Our mission

Propelling world-changing projects while creating, acquiring & scaling digital assets.

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Constant Click was launched in 2005 as a Digital Marketing Agency.

Constant Click reaped the rewards of being amongst the first movers in the internet marketing industry. In 2006, Constant Click was independently ranked by Website Magazine as a top 50 agency in the USA, leading to partnerships with Fortune 1000 clients. We began making tech acquisitions in 2005.

Eventually, we decided to try and make a difference, so we now leverage our technologists to try and make the world a slightly better place. Constant Click as a consulting agency was wound down to focus purely on wholly-owned digital acquisitions in 2014.

Today it’s a holding company that manages alternative investments in online businesses for sale. Constant Click invests in startups, acquires digital assets and leverages the assets to focus on growing our non-profit and social impact projects.

In the past 5 years, we’ve acquired and exited 3 technology companies with prop cap. These investments returned market-beating returns.


A dedicated team of top-tier technologists, software architects, engineers, and business analysts. All of it combined enables us to also create world-changing projects.


Our acquisition experience helps us access and win deals. Our 16-year history of acquiring digital assets helps us navigate through the process of finding the best opportunities and reaching a successful transaction.


Our technical & SEO knowledge together with our dedicated team helps us grow and streamline acquisitions.

Who we are

We are Leaders on the Market

We are the industry leader in establishing an innovation-friendly organization, developing new business models and new products.
The company is on the cutting edge of new technologies.

September, 2020

Acquired B2B SaaS business in the social media marketing automation niche. Exited in 90 days.

August, 2019

Acquired an educational non-profit platform with a global database of all products, materials, and recycling spots.

February, 2018

Acquired SaaS business in the influencer marketing niche after more than a year of negotiations. Increased revenue by over 100% in 12 months, with no additional marketing spend, based solely on the strength of our technical team. Exited in 30 months.

July, 2016

Acquired a platform that contained the most comprehensive directory of senior living options. Exited in 18 months. Revenue was more than quadrupled in less than 6 months from acquisition with purely technical and SEO changes.